We guide you to lead in crisis and cultivate remote work

Your immediate, short- and long-term crisis response

Remote work started yesterday.

Now it turns real for all: The coronavirus pandemic is testing your leadership, business plans and operations with an entirely remote workforce and disrupted supply and demand side. When you embrace this challenge, you will find that you have all the leadership resources that you need.


You will find that you have all the spirit and organisational capability to make this a success and set the organisation up for a positive long-term transformation.

Our Coaching Products

We help you to quickly assess your situation, set priorities, develop the response, and transform your leadership and work environment. We coach you to unleash resourcefulness, resilience and lead your organisation for a better future.

Based on your organisation’s needs, we’ll create a tailor-made immediate, mid-term and long-term action plan. When our collaboration progresses, we define together the concrete steps that will help lead your organisation through the remote work transformation process.

1st – Immediate

  • Leader & coach conversation
  • Scoping and assessment call with team
  • Tailormade recommendations
  • Communications anchor
  • Counselling

2nd – Short-term

  • Response team alignment and digital set-up
  • Leadership coaching
  • Work From Home Playbook
  • Online facilitation for remote work meeting
  • Online team coaching
  • Communications support

3rd – Long-term

  • Culture transformation for digitalisation, innovation and sustainability
  • Update to organisational operating mode
  • Review of strategy and vision


The ability to adapt policies, processes, leadership style and culture, and implement cutting-edge technologies is what puts a company back into the driving seat.


  • Know how to work, learn and raise needs
  • Nurture team engagement, self-management, and resilience
  • Optimise remote team interaction
  • Secure collaboration


  • Know how to manage remotely
  • Delegate and empower
  • Awareness of essential leadership traits for remote work setting
  • Choose and operate the right tools that support your remote setup


  • Leadership presence and ability to facilitate remote work meetings and crisis response
  • Understand and coach on how to lead yourself in times of crisis
  • Dynamic response planning to navigate your organisation

How it works

A leader & coach conversation is our first touchpoint: Book a call or email for the initial conversation. We provide a safe space. Essential human qualities and coaching are the backbone of our products and client engagement.

strengthen the new organisational setup

Your quickly evolving needs are the basis for our tailor-made immediate, mid-term and long-term support offers and joint action plan. Together we define the concrete steps that will help lead your organization through the remote work transformation process.

We provide recommendations, playbook and agreed steps that will be further finetuned and implemented with you.

Collaboration that transforms

We work with clients & partners across all sectors.



Our partners are global pioneers and thought leaders.

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